Friday, December 3, 2010

madeline preview {baby}

I don't normally show you my absolute fave for the preview but show me baby feet cuter than these! Look forward to more from this post coming soon!


Clancy and Katie Black said...

I feel so bad, I've been wanting to write to you that we would love to do some pregnancy pictures but honestly haven't been able to think of it/find the time until my finals are over which will be on the 14th. Don't know if you want to work so close to Christmas, but if you're up for it let me know and we'll work something out after the 14th. You're SO talented you're so sweet to offer, but we still want to pay you :) Hope your holidays are going great.

rozanny said...

So cute! (And of course... she is a cute baby too...)

Maida said...

I must agree--DANG cute feet!! :)